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The following are some general comments about how we'll run the agenda at EVENT:

  • Our goal is to get each participant the answers and the understanding they need in order to be GOAL. The ultimate goal of the event is to strengthen a community of practice among COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE, and engender collaboration and dialog that sustain long after EVENT DATE.
  • The agenda is malleable. Participants should feel free to propose sessions at any time, and sessions may be moved around to accommodate requests by both participants and facilitators, and...
  • We'll use part of the first morning to let participants discuss the agenda, and request additional sessions to be offered.
  • Sessions are designed to be highly interactive. You won't see any panels or keynotes at EVENT, and presentations will be short and intended to spur discussion. Facilitators understand that their primary goal is to enable learning, address questions, and support peer sharing. Bring your questions, and your knowledge to share!
  • We'll use the wiki at the event to capture notes from each session. We welcome your contributions to the wiki. (if you aren't familiar with wiki's, please see
  • Use of laptops and cellphones for multitasking during sessions is strongly discouraged: we encourage all participants to be fully present in sessions and discussions, rather than doing twitter, blogging, email etc. We invite participants to use the morning and afternoon breaks, as well as the lunch hour, to check in with external realities.
  • We also discourage "drop-in" participation for 1 or several sessions; the event format is highly collaborative, and full participation by all is a key to successful event outcomes.
  • If there is a session or discussion you would like to facilitate, feel free to be in touch with the event organizers, we'd love to hear what you're thinking.