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Documentation Checklist: Pre-Event

  • Verify plan for capture of proceedings at event
    • Who is in charge of the process
    • Will 1 or more notes templates be utilized, e.g. with fields for
      • Session title
      • Facilitator(s)
      • Note taker(s)
      • Notes
      • Action items/outcomes
  • Decide where to store session notes, e.g.:
    • Etherpad (shared document, public)
    • Google folder created by co-organizers (shared folder, access manageable and configurable, but hosted by for-profit corporation)
    • Wiki (like this one, not effective for collaborative note-taking within individual sessions)
    • "Offline", collected via online channels or fully offline methods (i.e. hand-written, photos, etc)
  • Decide how to collect session notes. E.g. Set up:
    • Take notes directly into online tools (not generally recommended, as internet connectivity is too often disrupted)
    • Take local notes on document on participant device and post them to shared online doc
    • Take local notes on document on participant device and share them with documentation lead via (hopefully encrypted) email
    • Take notes on paper and share them with documentation lead to be transcribed into digital format
    • If participants need to be in touch with the documentation lead to share notes, agree on email contact of reference
  • Draft structure for proceedings capture (on etherpad, or online or offline folder, as agreed)
    • Pre-populate draft with event agenda scaffolding
  • Integrate into agenda
    • How and when will process be explained to participants at events?
    • What expectations will be set regarding shared responsibility for note-taking?
    • How will facilitators be oriented to assure notes are captured?