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Documentation process of specific session types

  • Agenda brainstorming
    • Documentation lead and/or volunteering participants to transcribe post-it content in text document or spreadsheet (as preferred by the organizers), taking each thematic column as a separate list (a bullet-point list on a text document; a column in a spreadsheet)
  • Spectrogram
    • Documentation lead to collect separately in different lists to be transcribed:
      • Read statements. And for each of these, take note of the approximate positioning of participants along the Agree-Not Sure-Disagree line and most relevant movements. E.g. "50% Agree, 10% Not Sure, 40 % Disagree; by the end of the debate, 50% Agree and 50% Not Sure"
      • Top level statements
      • Other statements
  • Working session
    • Before the session starts:
      • Facilitator to invite each group to have a volunteering note taker, taking notes on personal device or on paper, following the model agreed with event organizers (online or offline documents, etc.)
      • Documentation lead to ask each group at the beginning of the session to communicate the name of the note taker (for future reference and contact)
    • At the end of the session:
      • Facilitator to remember note takers to share notes with the documentation lead
      • Documentation lead to verify that all notes have been collected, and, if anything is missing, follow up with responsible note taker to agree on collection method and timeframe (recommended: collect all notes by the end of the day the session has been taken place on)
  • Skill share
    • Documentation lead to take note of the titles of the skill share conversations taking place
  • Speed geeking
    • Basic documentation: documentation lead to visit each speed geeking station and take notes
    • More detailed documentation: designate one note taker for each station, to take notes of the all the conversations taking place during all rounds