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We would be *delighted* to offer you a scholarship to attend EVENT on DATE(S), with the following understandings:

  • Full attendance is required, START TIME to END TIME on "ALL" days (and coffee served from PRE-TIME onward :^). "Dropping in" for one or several sessions is not an acceptable use of an EVENT scholarship; the format and success of the event depend on immersive participation by all attendees.
  • We request that you decide on a "sliding scale" amount that you will pay for participation. This can be as small as you see fit; it is our way of having participants confirm they will actually show up by offering to share what for them is an appropriate amount of the cost.
  • We ask that scholarship recipients help out with supporting the event. This usually involves taking electronic notes during sessions, but can also involve blogging, other communication and/or logistical tasks. We make sure to spread the work around so that no one is substantially distracted from the proceedings.

As you may infer from the first two requirements, we have had terrible luck with giving full scholarships, only to have recipients no-show or barely show, leaving seats un-filled and catering un-eaten. The above are our way of clarifying expectations and understanding.

We look forward to having you at EVENT, and hope the above sound acceptable. If they do, please register at

<registration link>

(or, if that's too long in your email program, try http:TINYURL)

and put "Aspiration Scholarship Recipient, paying $xx" in the last comment field of the form.

Please us know if you have any questions! We look forward to seeing you at EVENT.