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Participant Guidelines

The Participant Guidelines are a suggested set of principles that participants should agree to follow while attending Aspiration events. Also see Participant Guidelines in Spanish (with thanks to Florencio Ceballos for translation).

The Participant Guidelines have played a key role in setting expectations and creating a safe space for sharing and exploration. It is recommended that the guidelines be posted on the event web site and emailed to registered participants in order to allow consideration and comments on the guidelines before the event.

The relevance of these guidelines is likely to vary by audience and locale, but the set provided here has been successfully utilized at events in the US, Europe, and Africa, and evolved accordingly. We strongly encourage feedback, enhancements and additions to these guidelines.

Participant Pre-Event Engagement Questions

We use some variant of Participant Pre-Event Questions as we engage participants and work to build event agendas.

These are best posed via phone or other audio channel, as participants share more in this context. Failing that, email is the next best method for soliciting input.