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  • Communications (media, etc)
  • Pre-event: Implement Registration Process
  • Pre-event: Confirm Venue Logistics
  • Pre-event: Verify International Travel Requirements


  • Design process


  • Outreach and Recruiting


  • Event: Facilitating the agenda
  • Event: Pacing for Multi-Day Events
  • Event: follow-up and other momentum dynamics addressed
  • Event: followup tasks: listserv, wiki gardening, sharing of evaluation summary, engagement in planning future events or hosting their own
  • Cameras and Recording: Recording
  • Evaluation: Sample form
  • Comments on aggregating and using evaluation data, including posting to list
  • Group Exercises: Mapping Exercises
  • Sessions:Panels


  • Listservs
  • Post-event

General Issues

  • Need a clearer delineation of content between Agenda and Facilitation