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Aspiration events are first and foremost convened to strengthen the ties and social networks of technology practitioners in the non-profit/non-governmental sectors.

Philosophy and goals

Our agenda Philosophy centers around getting participants into small-group discussions where they can discuss topics they are passionate about and get answers to their questions and curiosities.

Our Goals are driven as whole by the desire to build capacity to write better software to empower social change organizations.

Agenda design

Our Guidelines explains how the event is envisioned to unfold, and what is expected of participants.

We generally follow an iterative Design Process that engages all participants.

We use a core set of Agenda Planning Questions to invite participant input for the agenda. They provide a simple, transparent way to let participants co-create the agenda, and serve as an excellent mechanism to identify promising facilitators, and spot potential problem participants :^)

Agenda Hacking explains how to dynamically generate well-curated agenda topics from any size crowd in under 45 minutes.

Session design

Sessions at Aspirations have particular traits; we de-emphasize presentations and lecture, and instead focus on "break-out" sessions that are self-organized whenever possible.

Session Design offers guidelines on how to design and structure individual sessions at an event.