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Documentation Checklist: At the Event

  • At start of event: explain notes/documentation model
    • Set expectations regarding shared responsibility for note-taking
    • Remind facilitators to ensure notes are captured in their sessions
    • Explain how and when notes will be used and/or made available after event
  • After sessions: Documentation lead gathers session notes
    • Engage each note take to confirm submission of notes
    • Provide multiple options for submitting notes
      • Email
      • Upload
      • Etc
  • Managing notes
    • Documentation lead should post notes to main notes capture location on a rolling base, in collaboration with note takers.
    • When naming notes documents, it is advisable to follow file naming conventions, e.g.
      • AspirationEventNameSessionNameNotes.txt
    • Save notes in inter-operable, hopefully-open formats:
      • Text as .txt or .pdf
      • Images as .png or .jpg files