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Event planning is an ongoing learning process at Aspiration; the following are key areas where we focus and seek to document what we learn.

Identifying Event Goals and priorities is essential to creating an event where participants know why they're there and what they hope to get out of their invested time.

In planning an event, it is important to bear in mind the different Event Roles, both for proper delegation of responsibilities as well as facilitating communication between the various stakeholders.

Pre-Event planning falls into several important categories, including defining event details, establishing a web site or page, implementing a registration process, confirming venue logistics, and verifying international travel requirements.

In addition, the following are critical areas of focus:

  • Facilitator Outreach is essential to securing a set of passionate, collaborative individuals who can both steer and catalyze conversations.
  • The importance of Participant Outreach goes almost without saying; great events happen when a great mix of passionate and collaborative participants are present.
  • Planning of the Agenda should engage all participants and facilitators, with the ultimate goal being to manifest the passions and needs of the participants in the structure and content of the gathering.

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